Push to On Off Button
$0.17 $0.14
DescriptionDPDT Push-On/Push-Off Switch. Works great as general control switch...
Slide Pot - Medium (10k Linear Taper)
DescriptionA simple slide potentiometer can go a long way. Rated at 10KOhm and 0.1W. Comes with sold..
Slide Switch
DescriptionA standard Slide Switch ..
SPDT-Micro Switch
DescriptionSPDT-Micro SwitchThis is a 3-terminal microswitch,equipped with a 17mm lever actuator. Th..
SPST Rocker Switch
DescriptionA single-pole, single-throw (SPST) switch is as simple as it gets. It’s got one out..
Tactile switch - 5mm shaft (10 Nos)
DescriptionThis is 12mm x 12mm thru hole tactile switch offers reliable dome contact technology with..
TOP246YN Off Line Switcher
DescriptionThe TOP246YN is a TOPSwitch-GX EcoSmart integrated off line switcher in 6 pin TO-220 pack..
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